Simon on his 21st birthday

Big Birthday

It was our Simon’s 21st birthday on Sunday. He had already been celebrating with his friends on Saturday with a surfing trip to Dunbar but it was mum and dad’s turn on Sunday and we treated him to a meal at Maxie’s.

It was great to see him thriving. He’s even sort of tidied his flat as one group of flatmates moved on to make way for the new team for academic year 2015-2016. We wish him a fantastic future and hope that his dreams to compose great music come true. I’m sure his big sister is smiling on him and will keep him in good spirits on his journey through life.

Me and Dave at the Glasgow Comic Con

Comics in Glasgow

It’s been a fun weekend. I managed to get to the first day of the Glasgow Comic Con and then we had a big family occasion – more anon.

It was great to meet up with Shoreline of Infinity colleague Dave Alexander and my old pal Jon Haward who’s back in Scotland after a two year absence and was drawing happily in the company of the legendary Alan Grant. New friends include Jim Alexander of Ganjaman fame and Ferg Handley who used to work on the UK Spiderman with Jon. Even had a chance to meet the amazing and ubiquitous Jamie Grant on the way to the con.

Dave and I had a personal bodyguard in the shape of Judge MacRoth (relative of Slaine?) better known as Paul the lead dalek from An Adventure In Space And Time. Paul was very gracious in buying a copy of Shoreline of Infinity from me.

Most of the guys appear to be going to a signing at Dead Head Comics in Edinburgh on Wednesday. See you all again there, guys.