A Historic Occasion

We came close but didn’t win the coconut. However, it was a piece of history in the making when most of Scotland’s voters came out and decided whether to remain in the United Kingdom or go it alone.

I campaigned with others who could not see a way ahead for our most vulnerable citizens by remaining in the UK. However, the majority voted otherwise and I accept that. Now we need to work out a new settlement within the Union and I will continue to fight to get a fair deal for the poor, the old and the sick.

Gordon Brown gave us a timetable for change that was to be honoured following a vote for the Union. I have posted this timetable in the sidebar of this site and I will be checking our progress against it. Nearly half of Scotland’s voters voted to leave the United Kingdom. The rest voted to stay with a promise of better powers for the Scottish Parliament. This promise must be kept, or the majority will feel cheated and betrayed and the minority will see a chance to once again bring Scotland to the door out of the United Kingdom.


Sign the petition to back the programme for change promised to the ‘No’ voters. https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/promise-for-Scotland