Lucy’s Alphabet Of Furniture

Lucy’s first published book is making progress. I’m still having technical problems with creating an ePub book that will work on an iPad and go on the iBook store. However, the Mobi format is robust and works. So now Lucy’s Alphabet Of Furniture is available in the Kindle Store on your local Amazon website and also here in our family bookshop.

This is a great book to read with a child. It is a traditional alphabet book but with Lucy’s unique slant on the world. It’s lovingly illustrated by Lucy’s mum too.

Lucy's Alphabet of Furniture

UK Citizenship, National Security and Means Testing

I’ve been trying to assimilate the frantic activity of our Westminster Government this week as they rushed to put an emergency security bill through following a knuckle rap from the EU. It seems that they have to have access to every single email, text and phone call made in the UK as a tool to protect National Security. They are willing to pay whatever it costs to get this too. No one has suggested that this legislation should be targeted at terrorist suspects, from either the government or the opposition. All UK citizens are presumed to be terrorists until proved otherwise.
This blanket legislation seems to be at odds with government policy in other areas. Apparently disabled, chronically sick and other vulnerable people have to prove their condition via their own doctor and a third party company in order to receive support from the government. This is to save money apparently, despite the enormous costs incurred in running all of the agencies involved in testing our sick people many times over. All UK citizens are assumed to be in good health and ready to work unless proved otherwise.
I can’t help but think there are some mixed messages here. Why not allow our doctors to decide who is in need of support due to their medical condition and save paying third parties and courts to fight this; and why not fund proper intelligence work to identify who the terrorists are and stop requiring our communications companies to store terabytes of information needlessly at great cost?